Identity of the Victim: Programme

THURSDAY 22.3.2018 | Finnish Literature Society, Hallituskatu 1, the first floor, 00170 Helsinki (programme for workshop participants only)

(programme in Finnish and in English)

8:30–9:00 Registration and Coffee

9:00 Opening words of SKS,
Opening of the workshop, Director of Argumenta project, Professor Marjo Kaartinen, University of Turku

9:15–10:00 Carmen Baltzar, Ruskeat Tytöt (“Brown Girls”) media: ”White supremacy, victim rhetoric and the wider climate of public speech”

10:00–10:45 Historian, Classicist, Adjunct Professor Maijastina Kahlos, University of Helsinki: ”Kärsimyksen kirkkain kruunu – marttyyrius myöhäisantiikin uskonnollisissa ja poliittisissa kiistoissa”

11:00–12:30 Workshop groups

12:45–13:45 Lunch (Restaurant Piano, Rauhankatu 15)

14:00–14:45 PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher Lotta Lehti, University of Turku: ”Rhetoric of victimhood in social media platforms”

15:00–16:00 Workshop groups

16:00–16:30 Discussion and Coffee

16:30–17:15 Adjunct Professor of European History, Postdoctoral Researcher Oula Silvennoinen, University of Helsinki: ”Uhattu enemmistö – populismin kieli ja modernin fasismin mobilisaatiotekniikat”

17:30–18:30 Workshop groups

19:00–22:00 Dinner at Restaurant Belge (Kluuvikatu 5)

FRIDAY 23.3.2018 | Auditorium of Päivälehti Museum, Ludviginkatu 2-4, 00130 Helsinki (keynote lecture and panel discussion are open, please register by 21.3:

(programme in Finnish and in English)

10:00 Opening, Director of Argumenta project, Professor Marjo Kaartinen, University of Turku

10:15–11:45 Open Keynote Lecture, Professor Helena Ranta: ”Voiko ja pitääkö antaa anteeksi?”
Forensic dentist, Professor Helena Ranta is distinguished for her work to solve the Balkan war crimes, but her expertise has been successfully used in the investigation of genocide also in Asia and Africa. In total she has contributed to several international forensic investigations of conflict situations. Professor Ranta won the first international Prix Lysistrata award on peace mediation last year. The Keynote Lecture will be held in Finnish.

12:00–13:00 Lunch

13:15–15:00 Artist, Activist, Postdoctoral Researcher Nena Močnik, University of Turku:
”IN SEARCH OF IDEAL VICTIM: experiential workshop on visual and narrative (de)construction of victimhood”
The workshop focuses on different ways in which language and different semiotic, symbolic and also embodied practices contribute to implementing and maintaining established social orders in which victimized and/or demonized identities with their intersectional dimensions are placed, mobilized and positioned. By considering different (visual) texts and literacies we examine how and under what circumstances (the contexts) are the representations and discourses made, by whom and how they interact with established assumptions, social hierarchies and agreements. We try to map certain conceptualizations into the societies/communities, where we come from, and challenge them by addressing the power of stereotypes and prejudices in representational, discursive and narrative everyday practices. Participants are invited to the process of deconstruction and transformation by designing their own posters.

Participants are invited to bring magazines and newspapers.

15:15–16:45 Open Panel Discussion, Results and Closing (in Finnish)